About Dave Akehurst

I am an artist whose work is inspired by the Sheffield area. I produce original work in the medium of oil /acrylic on canvas.  I specialise in urban landscapes. 

These works can also be purchased as prints in a variety of sizes and media to suit client requirements.  

I also take detailed briefs from people wishing to create lasting images of places and people they are inspired by. 

My studio also has links to a framing service with competitive prices.

You can find my social media spaces listed below:

Work or services for sale

You can find examples of my work for purchase in these galleries

The Workshop

My Artspace studio and community.

Sheffield supports a huge community of artists working in purpose-built, and converted industrial buildings. 

A thriving artisan culture has been fostered after the erosion of traditional manufacturing skills.

This has helped to support talented artists working in a wide range of disciplines, right across the City.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso